2017 Isuzu NPR-HD

2017 Isuzu NPR-HD

If compact cargo vans are too small and don’t have enough capability for what you need, an LCF chassis cab is likely the right fit. You can customize the back of your truck for your specific needs, especially important if you have a unique application for your truck. The obvious choice s therefore an Isuzu N Series, but which one? Well, if the NPR is too small but an NQR or NRR is a little too big for what you need, you have to check out the just right 2017 Isuzu NPR-HD.

2017 Isuzu NPR-HD

Unlike the larger models in the range, the 2017 Isuzu NPR-HD is available with a diesel, a gas engine, or a gas engine that can run on propane/CNG. It’s also available with Standard or Crew Cabs, which means an Isuzu NPR-HD is capable of seating far more passengers than some of the bigger N Series trucks as they can be Standard Cab only. The maximum length of body you can fit onto the back of an NPR-HD is a lot shorter at 16 ft. than something like an NRR, but the NPR-HD still packs a punch in terms of capability with the weights it can accommodate.

The gas engine option for the NPR-HD is a 6.0-liter GMPT L96 V-8 that produces as much as 297 horsepower and 372 lb.-ft. of torque, although it can also be specified as a KL8 alternative fuel capable unit for running on propane/CNG. If it’s a diesel engine you need or prefer, the NPR-HD is also available with a 5.2-liter 4HK1-TC turbodiesel that puts 215 horsepower and an impressive 452 lb.-ft. of torque at your disposal.

As for capabilities, both cab formats of the gas NPR-HD offer GVWR/GCWR ratings of 14,500/20,500 pounds, which is 2,500 pounds more than the standard NPR. Standard Cab versions then offer a body/payload allowance of 8,977 to 9,174 pounds, while Crew Cab versions of the NPR-HD gas are rated at 8,442 to 8,503 pounds.

The GVWR/GCWR ratings for the NPR-HD Standard and Regular Cab diesels are the same as they are for gas models at 14,500/20,500 pounds. A Standard Cab diesel is rated for body/payload allowance at 8,339 to 8,536 pounds, while Crew Cabs are rated at 7,766 to 7,832 pounds.Both gas and diesels versions come standard with six-speed automatic transmissions, although the diesel version is an Aisin A465 that’s specifically designed to handle the extra torque produced by the diesel.

 Color Options

NPR HD Color Options

Although just about every image you see of an Isuzu N Series shows them in white, you might be interested to know the 2017 Isuzu NPR-HD can actually be ordered in other colors too. The trucks can also come in Woodland Green, Ebony Black, Cardinal Red, Dark Blue and the extremely vivid Wheatland Yellow. These color options offer you additional customizable options to meet your business’s needs, even down to matching your trucks to your company logo and brand image.


For a superb balance of compact, easy-to-maneuver driving characteristics and an incredible amount of capability, the 2017 Isuzu NPR-HD really is a truck to be reckoned with. Whether you want it as a refrigerated box van, an fire truck, a tipper truck, a garbage truck, or anything else that you can imagine, the NPR-HD really is one of the most capable and versatile performers in its class.