2018 Isuzu NPR-EFI

2018 Isuzu NPR-EFI

The 2018 Isuzu NPR EFI is a low cab forward truck with a class-exclusive gasoline engine. It will serve your company’s cargo-hauling needs with its 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating. Thanks to its low cab forward design, you can outfit the NPR any way you like, catering to your company’s hauling needs with an open bed or an enclosed cargo box.

Why Buy the 2018 NPR EFI?

If you’re looking for a cargo hauler with a gas-powered, EFI engine, this is the right medium-duty truck for you. The NPR serves any company that’s got weight to move, whether that’s a truck full of freshly baked bread or all of the equipment a plumber needs to make house calls. The NPR’s optional crew cabin means you can even transport a work crew to a construction site to help you break ground. It’s got roomy accommodations for up to seven passengers.

What’s Under the Hood? How Much Can the NPR EFI Haul?

The NPR’s 6.0-liter V8 engine runs on gasoline, and its electronic fuel injection contributes to the truck’s quick response and optimal fuel economy. The engine produces 297 horsepower and 372 pound-feet of torque, giving you the power you need to haul company cargo. The NPR’s gross vehicle weight rating is 12,000 pounds. Depending on configuration, this gives you a payload allowance ranging from 6,782 and 6,978 pounds. Use the NPR to deliver goods or move heavy tools from job site to job site – it’s more than capable.

What Are the Isuzu NPR EFI Upfitting Options?

The Isuzu NPR’s low cab forward design gives you a lot of upfitting options. This truck comes with a cab and a chassis, and the rest is up to you. You can add an open bed or an enclosed cargo hold. The former increases utility when you do a lot of loading and unloading, and the latter protects sensitive cargo from the elements.

What Are the Benefits of EFI?

Electronic fuel injection, or EFI, gives you increased power and fuel economy. When you hit the throttle, an engine with EFI is quicker to respond than one with an old-school fuel-injection system. The NPR EFI, then, makes an excellent choice for your company’s cargo hauling needs. On the road, the EFI engine helps boost your bottom line with its fuel-efficient performance.