2018 Isuzu NQR

2018 Isuzu NQR

The 2018 Isuzu NQR is a diesel-powered medium-duty low cab forward truck. It’s got the power and utility you need to take on major commercial tasks, like hauling lumber or dumping rocks. You can upfit these trucks in a number of ways, adding an open bed in the back or a refrigerated box for hauling sensitive cargo. Our NQR buying guide is here to answer any questions you might have.

Why Buy the Isuzu NQR?

Get this low cab forward truck because you want a capable, diesel-powered worker on your team. Under the hood, the NRQ’s 5.2-liter diesel engine generates 215 horsepower and 452 pound-feet of torque. However you upfit yours, this engine helps you haul the necessary cargo. The truck’s 30-gallon fuel in-rail tank keeps you from having to fill up too often, and you can always add the optional 33-gallon side mount tank for extra utility.

What Are the Isuzu NQR Cabin and Configuration Options?

The NQR comes standard with a regular cabin, featuring accommodations for two passengers. If you can’t get the job done without a work crew, however, you can always select the crew cabin. It gives you enough space for five passengers. Both cabins are known for their generous head and leg room, keeping everyone perfectly comfortable, no matter how far you need to haul your cargo.

What’s the Isuzu NQR GVWR?

Whether you choose the single or crew cabin, the NQR’s gross vehicle weight rating stays the same: 17,950 pounds. The gross combined weight rating, or the max allowable combination of passengers, cargo, and trailer weight, is equally impressive, coming in at 23,950 pounds. In other words, your moving company won’t need to make extra trips hauling cargo.

What Are the Benefits of a Low Cab Forward Truck?

The 2018 Isuzu NQR is a low cab forward truck that gives you a lot of upfitting options. In back, you can add a closed box to transport cargo that’s sensitive to the elements. You can even add a refrigeration unit to make sure edible cargo doesn’t spoil. If your Isuzu NQR will be hauling rocks, you can transform it into a dump truck for maximum utility. It’s also easy to service a low cab forward truck. Just tilt the cabin forward to reveal the engine. Unlike with traditional medium-duty trucks, there’s no neck craning or straining to reach the part you’re servicing.