FAQ about Box Trucks

FAQ about Box Trucks

With their excellent cargo space and upfitting options, Isuzu box trucks offer a wide range of business solutions.

Q: What can box trucks be used for?

A: For many businesses, box trucks are absolutely essential. They can do it all, from transporting heavy inventory from shop to shop, making customer deliveries, and moving cargo across state lines. You can fill the cargo box with a large amount of small cargo or a room’s worth of large furniture, making box trucks a great choice for delivery and moving companies. With refrigeration components, you can use your box truck to deliver climate-sensitive items, such as flowers and baked goods.

Q: How can you upfit an Isuzu box truck?

A: You can transform your box truck in a number of ways. For starters, it’s easy to replace the standard cargo box with an open cargo bed, giving you improved access to large items, like lumber. If your construction company has a need to move a lot of dirt around, you can transform your Isuzu box truck into a dump truck. And, when you attach a spacious camper to your Isuzu truck, you can take the entire family on a cross-country road trip no one will soon forget.

Q: Are Isuzu box trucks hard to drive?

A: Isuzu box trucks are equipped with modern automatic transmissions, providing a smooth, responsive performance. You don’t have to worry about shifting gears – the Isuzu box truck does that for you. More than that, these sizable trucks deliver sharp steering and responsive handling, so you can feel confident, even in tight spaces.

Q: Do Isuzu box trucks have crew cabs and comfortable cabs?

A: Yes, some Isuzu box truck models, such as the NPR, offer crew cabins, providing roomy accommodations for up to five passengers. Both regular and crew-cab models provide spacious, supportive seating. If you’ve got major ground to cover, an Isuzu box truck will keep you and your crew comfy for the long haul.