Make Money Using Your Box Truck!

Make Money Using Your Box Truck!

Even if you’ve haven’t heard of box trucks, you’ve probably seen these large metal rectangular boxes on the back of cabs. Sometimes known as straight trucks, owning one can be the beginning of a profitable start-up business. The strength of this work vehicle is its versatility. There is almost no end to the ways you can use it to make money. For starters, you can rent it to moving families, start a service delivering goods for other small businesses, or even use it like a billboard, renting advertising space on the box’s exterior.

Renting Your Box Truck

It’s inevitable–people will occasionally need a vehicle larger than their sedan or minivan. Whether they’re moving a piano, moving across town, or moving cross-country, eventually everyone has a bigger load than their commuter car can handle. That’s where you come in. A lot of people turn to U-Haul or Penske, but you can be the friendly, personable face with a competitive price. Throw in extra convenience the competitors won’t, like driving it to their door, and you’ll be sure to win loyal customers. Renting your box truck brings in revenue by simply handing over the keys. You can increase the value of your box truck by filling it with equipment renters need, like a dolly, hand cart, ratchet straps, tape rolls, and furniture pads.

If you’re renting, be sure to keep exact information on all renters, especially auto insurance, driver’s license numbers, and credit card information. Also make sure to insure your box truck against theft and any damages you want to assume. Learn local and state laws and have the needed licenses, if required.

Hauling Goods with Your Box Truck

If you don’t like the idea of someone driving your box truck, you can do the hauling yourself. Plenty of businesses need and would pay for delivery services. Some of them include upholsterers, cabinet makers, florists, caterers, event planners, and more. In rural areas, you can even haul certain kinds of livestock! Making timely deliveries for these and other clients can result in a rapidly expanding client list.

Know the market you intend to deliver in. What delivery services are already available and what do they charge? What equipment (food carts, refrigeration, etc.) and services (loading and unloading?) do they offer? If the market is flooded with delivery services, try to find a unique, high-demand niche. Before you get started, remember that in addition to insurance on your truck, you should get cargo insurance to protect against damages to what you haul.

Advertising on the Side of Your Box Truck

Think of the sides of your vehicle as prime real estate. Placing advertisements or notices on the side of your box truck can easily net a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a week, depending on client and area. In addition to the publicity you’ll draw as you go around town, you can time your ad space rental with local events. For example, some box truck owners park their vehicles outside convention centers or sporting events for maximum publicity, earning tons of profits without burning almost any fuel. This powerful revenue source can be coupled with renting or hauling to generate double income.