Should I Get a Gas or Diesel Isuzu work Truck?

What’s the best option for your Isuzu work truck: gas or diesel? You might be surprised to find that the answer actually depends on you. Once you consider how you plan to use your Isuzu low cab forward truck, you can select the engine that gives you the right balance of fuel economy and performance. Read on for some of the aspects you should focus on before you make a final decision.

Trailering and Towing Max Loads: Choose Diesel

Diesel engines generate more torque at lower rpm, making them the right choice for drivers with seriously heavy loads to pull. If you know the weight you plan to move surpasses what a gas-powered engine can handle, a diesel engine is the right choice.

Maintenance & Fuel Costs: Choose Gasoline

If you don’t have to move max loads, a powerful gasoline engine will do a lot to boost your bottom line. Over time, a diesel engine generally requires more maintenance to keep it in good working order. Gas-powered trucks, then, save you on maintenance costs. Diesel fuel tends to cost more than unleaded gasoline, too. Over time, you’ll end up spending more on diesel fuel than you would with regular gasoline. Isuzu work trucks offer gasoline engines specifically designed to move heavy trailers, so you may find that they work for your specific workload.

Isuzu Work Truck on Road

Acquisition Costs: Choose Gasoline

Again, if you don’t need the extra torque, a gas-powered Isuzu work truck will help you save money. Diesel engines cost thousands of dollars more than their gas-powered counterparts. That means you should only spend the extra cash on a diesel engine if you actually need the extra heft.

Resale Value: Choose Diesel

Because diesel-powered trucks tend to last longer, they actually have a higher resale value than gas-powered trucks. For example, if both trucks have accrued 150,000 miles, the diesel model will outlast the gas-powered model, giving it a better resale value. This is also something to consider if you’re buying a used Isuzu work truck.