The Benefits of Isuzu Work Trucks

Isuzu work trucks have a long-established reputation for dependability. But their low cab forward design offers benefits over their competitors – namely, on-road maneuverability and a low cost of ownership. Read on for an in-depth look at these work trucks and how they can serve both your company and your company’s bottom line.

Work Trucks with a Low Cab Forward Design

These work trucks deliver many benefits that are directly related to their low cab forward design. Essentially, the engine sits beneath the cabin instead of in front of it. Compared to work trucks with conventional cabins, vans, and cutaways, Isuzu’s low cab forward models provide more cargo space per overall length. You can also access the engine easily, thanks to the tilt-cab design. This will save you money on labor, should you need engine work.

These work trucks also provide driving benefits, including tighter turning. On a daily basis, this feature makes it easier for your work trucks to make deliveries in narrow alleys or downtown city streets. Since drivers don’t have to look out over an engine, your work truck drivers enjoy improved visibility over regular work trucks. The cabin design also adds to your work truck’s overall maneuverability, so you can travel with confidence in any situation.


Isuzu’s work trucks are essentially just cab and chassis – that is, until you add your own body and upfit options. From these humble beginnings, you can create the perfect work truck for your business.

For example, if your company needs to make food deliveries around town, it’s easy to transform your Isuzu work truck into a refrigerated truck. The dry freight upfit is perfect for work trucks around 10 feet long, so you can make package deliveries in both residential and urban areas. You can even transform an Isuzu work truck into a party hauler, loading up tables and chairs for delivery at weddings and retirement party venues.

Financial Benefits

Isuzu’s three-year unlimited bumper-to-bumper warranty is another great reason to add these work trucks to your company fleet. This impressive warranty coverage will put your mind at ease, especially if you’re putting 50,000 miles a year on each of your trucks. You can add additional warranty coverage for up to five years and 250,000 miles.

You’ll also be impressed by the Isuzu truck service intervals: 10,000 miles for diesel engines and 7,500 miles for gasoline engines. This alone will help you cut down on company expenditures, since work truck maintenance costs more than traditional maintenance because of their unique construction and weight.

When you sign up for Isuzu’s unique prepaid maintenance program, you can plan regular maintenance like work truck oil changes and tire rotations in advance. You can even prepay for new brakes or tires, so you’re fully prepared if something should go wrong with your fleet of work trucks. If you don’t end up needing these prepaid services, you’ll be refunded the full amount paid.