Ways to Customize Your Box Truck

Ways to Customize Your Box Truck

When you buy an Isuzu truck, you probably have an idea what you want to do with it. But did you know that, with no shortage of upfitting options, you can customize a box truck like cab-forward Isuzus for a wide range of businesses, from hospitals to pop-up toy stores? Read on to discover just a few of the ways in which you can make the most of your box truck.

Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles

Box trucks make popular emergency vehicles. You’ve likely seen ambulances and fire trucks that are, on a basic level, actually box trucks. Truck manufacturers and aftermarket providers alike can provide specialty upfitting kits to transform a regular truck into one that’s designed to save lives.

Your Food Truck Business

Add shelving, prep counters, and commercial cooking equipment to your box truck, and you’re all set to start your first food truck company. This is an affordable way to get your restaurant off the ground and running – literally.

Refrigeration & Delivery Trucks

Food and other dedicated delivery services may require special equipment. If you plan to deliver bread or bakery items, you’ll need special climate-controlled refrigeration units. That’s even truer if you need to transport items like artisanal ice cream, which must be kept even colder. You can also customize a box truck to deliver beer, equipping the cargo bay with special climate controls to optimize temperature and humidity to prevent product loss.

Police & Military Vehicles

Box trucks designed for police and military use are often used to transport specialized equipment. However, there are also upfitting packages designed to customize a box truck for SWAT team use. Inside such a box truck, you’ll find benches for team members and weapon racks for secure transport to the scene of a crime.

Pop-Up Store Truck

Who says retail is dead? Pop-up stores are the latest craze, and outfitting your box truck as a toy store or shoe shop is the perfect way to take your goods to customers in need. Instead of waiting for the crowd to find you, you can take your business to the crowd.

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